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Landon Morgan
Landon Morgan

Shemature Gala

However, the main focus is that Springfield is opening a South Street Squidport: An upscale shopping promenade with authentic maritime theming. To top it off, there will be a black-tie gala that Saturday night.

shemature gala

Finally it's the day of the gala. Bart and Lisa compliment their parents' appearance. Bart then asks when Abe is coming over to babysit, and Marge admits that Abe isn't coming. Bart fears it'll be Patty and Selma, but Marge says it's Lisa who's in charge.

"#TheAlbies first gala by @clooneyfoundationforjustice honoring 5 defenders of justice and human rights from all parts of the world. I have never been in a room this inspiring," the brunette beauty shared in a social media post. "The speeches from the honorees were so powerful. #AlbieSachs @maria_ressa @iactivism @viasna96 @samburugirlsfdn are their handles. Please check them out if you would like to know more about their heroism and commitment to Justice." 041b061a72


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