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Where Can I Buy Glassine Bags

Yes - With their toothless, smooth finish and translucency, glassine bags are a polished way to provide inner protection to your art pieces. The bags are sized more for apparel than art, so you may need to size up rather than find dimensions that fit your prints to their exact size. Additionally, these bags contain a print on both sides and subtle air vents that allow air to be released when packaged at the factory. These design features are fine for most art companies.

where can i buy glassine bags

This feature is based on direct feedback from the brands themselves. Many complicated supply chains require that bags be opened so apparel can be checked, scanned, and sorted at distribution centers or 3PL fulfillment centers. The adhesive is strong and does not readily come apart unless someone actively tries to open the bag.

The paper used to manufacture these Eco Glassine Bags comes from British Columbia, Canada. The tree species used are a controlled blend of Western Yellow; Red Cedar and BC Interior Spruce, Pine; Fir (SPF). We recognize that many brands manufacture goods in North America. Some companies produce their apparel in-house and use internal packaging to separate and protect finished goods in their domestic warehouse. Finally, we know artists often use glassine to protect their goods. Because of these situations, we are pleased to launch US manufacturing of these bags in 2023.

Glassine sheets are often inserted between delicate artwork, documents, books, or photos to protect from damage. In packaging, sheets are used for the manufacturing of fully translucent envelopes and bags to display products. It is often used in the apparel, medical, beauty, food, accessories, and other industries.

No, glassine is a durable material made 100% from paper, whereas, parchment paper is a cellulose-based paper that has been chemically treated and infused with silicone to create a non-stick surface. It is difficult to print on or adhere labeling to and is not recyclable or compostable.

No, glassine is a durable material made 100% from paper, whereas, wax paper is coated with a thin layer of paraffin or soybean-based wax. It is also difficult to print on or adhere labeling to and is not recyclable or compostable.

Made from smooth translucent paper, glassine is as durable as it is beautiful. Glassine is curbside recyclable and biodegradable making it the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastics, films, and foils as you work to reduce your packaging waste.

Glassine is not an easy material to print on, but because JBM has invested in the highest-quality technology and equipment, spent years researching the ideal glassine solution, and have since manufactured billions of glassine bags and envelopes, they are the glassine experts. JBM uses a wide variety of custom printing capabilities, including proprietary inks that ensure no smudging and allow us to print crisp, clear, and detailed 4-color process artwork.

World of envelopes have an extensive range of glassine bags to choose from in all sizes including small, large and square. Our range includes options to have an open top or a sealable flap. Perfect for packaging small gifts such as jewellery, seeds, soaps, wax melts, confetti, beauty products and more.

Fill our biodegradable glassine bags with confetti for the perfect wedding ceromony celebration. We can personalise our eco friendly confetti bags with your own special message of thanks and include your initials to make your day extra special.

These glassine envelopes are an economical way to protect prints, negatives and transparencies from fingerprints, dust and dirt. Flat single seam construction. Please note, glassine is not recommended for long term storage. Outside Dimensions are shown, the inside is always slightly smaller. Price per package.

These glassine bags are made from paper and are a recyclable, plastic free alternative to traditional plastic poly bags for garments and other goods. They are currently only available in our 'Rest of World' store (select in top right of this page) for shipping direct to your Asian manufacturers. If you require a significant quantity elsewhere, please contact us.

If you need poly garment bags at your point of manufacture in Asia, please select 'Rest of World' as your shipping country (in the top right of this page) and they will be sent directly (and quickly) from our distribution centre in China.

50 - flat translucent 3.75" x 6.25" glassine bags with serrated tops These glassine bags are food safe, grease resistant, and FDA and USDA compliant, making them ideal for packaging baked goods and small food items. They also make great packaging for handmade soaps and beauty products, wedding and party favors, seeds, scrapbooking and stamp collecting.IMPORTANT! These bags are resistant to water and grease, but not heat. When exposed to high temperatures, glassine can easily burn and the glue used to hold these bags together will melt, causing them to fall apart. Heat causes glassine to become brittle, blister and/or char, but not to stick together or shrink.

Aloha! Glassine Lined Bags prevent grease, moisture and stains from showing through the bag. American Retail Supply Hawaii has a large variety of Glassine Lined Bags ranging in sizes that are available in a handful of colors like Pink, Blue, Black and many other colors. American Retail Supply Hawaii suggests Glassine Lined Bags are a good option if you own a Bakery, Candy Store and Coffee Shops. These bags are packaged in a case of 1000. Glassine Bags can also be customized with your stores logo to create a personalized look. All Glassine bags are FDA and USDA acceptable for food contact.Not finding what you need in our Honolulu office feel free to visit our Mainland website. Please call 808-841-3661 Mahalo

Our custom glassine bags can be manufactured to your desired specifications. The smooth, translucent exterior makes it ideal for printing your logo or product information on the packaging. Call today for samples, specifications and more information.

Love the idea of using these bags for favors. Just on their own they look really professional, but I like the idea of adding a sticker or a little accent like your flowers (those look awesome, by the way.) Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for these great party ideas. We are having a lot of deck parties this summer and I love to have a give away for my guests. These bags and labels are perfect.Susan @

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Translucent flat glassine bags are made with wax-like paper that can be used for a number of things. Glassine bags do an excellent job at trapping grease inside when it comes to hot greasy foods. These come in handy for fast food restaurants, bakeries, delis, treat bags and more. Yi Pin glassine bags are made from materials imported from Germany and manufactured in the USA.

Glassine bags are an increasingly popular alternative to Peel and Seal Poly Bags as a paper-based alternative for protecting garments from dust and moisture. They feature an adhesive strip closure, and vent holes that improve packing speed.

The unique properties of glassine make it ideal for inner bags because the paper is translucent enough to make products identifiable, and barcodes scannable. Glassine bags are also moisture and humidity resistant.

Pink Ribbon/Wedding Favor: Nichole Heady Fries: Martha Stewart Weddings EAT! bags: Martha Stewart Weddings Cherry Favors: Martha Stewart Spread The Love: Oh Happy Day Glassine Envelops for Scraps: a creative mint

Set of 25 glassine bags. Charming for use in scrapbooking and other crafts, and food-safe material is grease and moisture resistant - perfect for favors! Great size for using as a sleeve for small photos or travel ephemera for travel journals. Bags are packaged in a protective cello bag made in the United States.

Hot plant-based white glassine window bag. Ideal for hot cabinets, serving pastries, paninis, or pies. Glassine is a smooth paper with great grease resistance. Its window is NatureFlex, a clear greaseproof film made from wood pulp. White with a clear window and Vegware messaging in green. Award-winning quality by Vegware, made from plants. Commercially compostable where accepted.

Glassine is most commonly used as a base for further silicone coating for manufacture of release liner. Glassine is also employed as an interleaving paper in bookbinding, especially to protect fine illustrations from contact with facing pages; the paper can be manufactured with a neutral pH, and can prevent damage from spilling, exposure, or rubbing. Glassine adhesive tape has been used in book repair. In chemistry, glassine is used as an inexpensive weighing paper. It is used in foodservice as a barrier between strips of products (for example: meat, baked goods). Glassine is resistant to grease and facilitates separation of individual foodstuffs.[citation needed]

Glassine has been recommended for protecting the surface of stored acrylic paintings.[1] However, glassine will adhere to soft (not completely cured) and medium-rich paint, especially when stored for an extended period of time, and it may cause permanent damage to the painted surface. Therefore, art conservators do not recommend that it be used to wrap paintings. Philatelists use glassine envelopes to store stamps, and stamp hinges are made of glassine.[2] Amateur insect collectors use glassine envelopes to store specimens temporarily in the field before they are mounted in a collection. Entomologists collecting for research may likewise use such envelopes to store whole specimens in the field. Glassine envelopes are used to carry pharmacy reformulated drugs and illicit drugs such as cocaine and heroin.[3][4]Photographers used glassine sleeves for many decades to safely store their processed films. Glassine is also used to pack firecrackers, as it is moisture resistant. It is used for its transparent qualities to fold origami tessellations.[5][6] Glassine is an outer covering on paperboard tubes, particularly those used in model rocketry, for water protection. 041b061a72


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