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Thai Snacks To Buy

You can get pretty much everything at Big C, including snacks, toiletries, clothes, home appliances and more. There is even a food court on the fourth floor that sells affordable and delicious food, as well as a pharmacy.

thai snacks to buy

In Thailand, 7/11 can be found almost everywhere. Thailand has the third-largest number of 7/11 stores in the world, with everything available including toiletries, microwaveable meals, freshly brewed coffee and the best of Thai snacks.

Everyone knows about mango sticky rice, but there is also another similar treat that many locals tend to love. In fact, this is one of their most favourite Thai snacks of all-time! The custard sticky rice is a snack that comes wrapped in a leaf, and it features coconut egg custard on a bed of coconut sticky rice.

A common sighting at night markets in Thailand, green mango salad is one of the Thai snacks that you have to purchase when you arrive in the country. Street vendors usually sell this snack in small plastic bags and serve it with a side of dipping powder containing sugar, salt, and dried chillies.

Another one of the must-try Thai snacks is Thai fermented sour sausage. You might be turned off by its name, but this snack is actually really good despite the tanginess. The sausage is chewy and also has hints of garlic, butter, and smokiness from being grilled.

It might be difficult to bring home fresh durians from Thailand, so your closest bet are freeze-dried ones. Besides durian, you can also find other types of fruits such as mango and rambutan. They make for great everyday snacks and can be kept for a long time.

Another fruity snack, this is great compared to freeze-dried fruits (#8) if you enjoy thin crisp with more crunch. The taste of the fruits is also more subtle compared to the freeze-dried ones, making them very popular Thai snacks among those who have a lighter palate.

This is another one of the most popular Thai snacks available. Unlike your usual chips, this snack comes in the form of super crisp flavoured bread. The bread is baked and coated with flavourings such as butter, garlic, pizza, tomyum, and more!

Another way to experience Thai food culture is to try our snacks! Snacks make up a big part of our diet. Thai people LOVEEE to snack! These are super delicious treats from Thailand you can buy on All products in this video ship to the US, and If you don't live in the US, like me, be sure to note them down as things to look for on your next trip to Thailand!Special thanks to Amazon Thailand for sponsoring this video!

*Extra Goodies for Patreon Members: In this episode's "Show After The Show" I share a few more of my favourite Thai snacks that I currently have stocked in my "junk food cabinet!" Click here to find out more about becoming a Patreon member!

Widely considered to be the top instant noodles in Thailand, MAMA instant noodles make for one of the best Thai snacks to stock up on at Big C. Stave off the tom yum soup withdrawals with some MAMA Tom Yum Instant Noodles (available on S3Beauty Flagship Official Store)! For just a few cents, you can have at your hands a piping hot bowl of tangy, spicy goodness that will take you back to the lively streetside restaurants of Bangkok. For a more convenient option, get your hands on some MAMA cup noodles!

There are countless dishes and drinks that are worth trying in the Siam Kingdom, however, in this post, we will focus on the best snacks in Thailand that you can either eat or bring back home as a souvenir.

Mango sticky rice is a traditional and delicious Thai dessert and one of the must-eat Thailand snacks. The dish is made from long grains of sweetened glutinous rice which are cooked with thick coconut milk until they are tender, soft and fragrant, then served with chunks of ripe mango. The tastes are a mixture of sweet and salty and the combination is absolutely heavenly.

Remember those dried cuttlefish snacks from your childhood? Bento Squid Snack is like that, but on steroids. The dried squid sheets are baked to a crisp and coated in this amazing sweet, spicy and salty glaze. No matter which flavour you get, these are always gone in a jiffy.

You know those extremely delicious but way expensive (like $20 for a packet) fried fish skin snacks that seem to be everywhere during Chinese New Year? The Thai version of it costs a fraction of the price.

Even if you're not into junk food yourself, you'll still want to make this a pit stop on your last day in Bangkok. Why? Because in Singapore, coming back from a Bangkok trip without handing out Thai snacks to your whole office is social suicide.

Be prepared to queue with the heaps of tourists (yes, fellow Sinkies included) who visit this supermarket to buy Thai snacks, fruits and nuts in bulk. After payment, you'll be directed to a packing area where you'll need to pack up your loot in cardboard boxes (BYO masking tape!).

Pineapple jam coconut biscuits are one of those vintage snacks (along with gem biscuits) you'd find at the provision shop where they dispense cookies from bulk tins. They're not easy to find anymore, but you can find them at Big C Bangkok at a mere 69 baht ($2.79) for a 400g jar.

During your holiday in Thailand, you will see many traditional Thai snacks being sold everywhere. Best places to try them are street markets or Floating Markets that are so popular with locals. If you are planning a trip to Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok, consider tasting as many of these traditional snacks as you can.

The typical mega grocery store assortment! Food, beverage, personal care, beauty & more. My top picks - Pretz snacks in local tomyum & basil pork flavours, Lin Zhen Xiang Floss Sticks ('Gao Sai'), Pork Rice Crackers, Koh Kae nuts!!

? Tip: Don't forget to bring your own grocery bags to pack your goods as they do not provide you with free plastic bags! Otherwise you'll end up like me hugging all my snacks back to my accommodation ?

Even with the most advanced technologies, bringing food back from Thailand can be difficult. However, there are some snacks that go to great lengths to evoke the flavors, textures, aromas, and textures of Thailand.

After the founder, Mr. Itthipat Peeradechapen, first tasted traditional Korean roasted seaweed snacks, he set out to create a healthier and tastier seaweed snack. The seaweed was previously only fried, but it is now grilled and roasted for a crisper texture.

Thailand is a large producer of many delicious fruits on a large scale due to its ideal climate. Since most of these fruits are perishable, they are typically dried, freeze-dried, oven-baked, or vacuum-fried to extend their shelf life. This makes for yummy snacks!

These snacks are a great way to bring Thailand back to your loved ones in a creatively delicious way because they represent the fertile land and pleasant climate. They are also lightweight and convenient for travel.

The two snacks are filled with a combination of minced pork, coriander roots, garlic, black pepper, peanuts, palm sugar, salt, oil, soy sauce, radish, and maybe some extra hints of spices, and each are wrapped in slightly different wrappings.

Thailand is among the most beautiful and must-visit places in the world. The country is famous for its stunning temples, profound nature, and breathtaking beaches, but not only that. Thailand is worldwide known for its mouthwatering cuisine. Thai snacks and desserts are a huge part of the confectionery culture and are pretty impressive.

If you have ever been to Thailand, you will have a chance to taste their unique desserts and snacks. However, if not, no problem. You can buy their sweet treats all around the world. In this article, we will explore some of the most unique Thai snacks that you need to taste if you want to feel the sweet spirit of Thailand.

Thai snacks are mainly made from rice flour and coconut. Those products are native and are mostly farmed locally. So, all the ingredients for the sweets are fresh and straight from the farms. Thai desserts were also mentioned in the Traiphum Phra Ruang, which is a literary masterpiece of the 13th century. According to the sources, the locals used pots, pens, and firepits to make the traditional sweet treat.

Every country has treats that resemble their culture and nature. For example, Mexicans have snacks that are spicy, salty, and limy, and one of the main ingredients is chilly. Like in other countries, Thai people make amazing snacks using local products. If we observe the list, we will notice that there are a lot of squid and sea-food-based snacks in Thailand. Some Thai sweet snacks remind us of Italian confectionery and bakery products.

Taro fish snacks are made from fresh white fish. Because of that, the snack is full of protein. Snacks are cut into long strips that have a cream color. The treat is tough and breaks when bitten. However, suddenly it turns incredibly chewy. The ingredients of the treat are mainly fish meat, which has a consistency of 77%. Additions are sugar, tapioca flour, and wheat flour.

Famous Thai Snacks Coconut rolls can be compared to wafer rolls. They have tube-shaped cookies with a crispy texture. The snack is very crumbly to eat. The main ingredients for the coconut rolls are coconut milk, rice flour, sugar, eggs, and taro. However, it does not have a significant amount of sugar and therefore is not as sweet as regular wafer snacks.

Hot chocolate mochi crunch is one of the most impressive Thai snacks. These are the crackers covered in dark chocolate. Crackers are mainly made from spicy tamari and brown rice. The pieces come in bite-size pieces. The treat has a very intense flavor that can be compared to the cocoa and caramel mix.

Zip Bombs are small Thai snacks and individual candies that are packaged in cute wrappers. Candies come with outer layers that have an intensely sour taste. After chewing for a while, the sourness fades away and the true delicious flavor bursts from the middle. The candy has a chewy center that also contains sour powder. Candy comes in various flavors, including blue raspberry, strawberry, green apple, and watermelon. 041b061a72


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